Plot Driven vs Character Driven

Weave a Garland of my Vows by Greta Brookes

For me, personally, the BEST stories are always CHARACTER Driven.

History is written by people.

History IS people.

Ian Fleming’s BOND books are a perfect example of a PLOT driven story.

We know next to nothing about Bond’s history. All we see is Action, Reaction, More Action.

I’ve never liked Bond. He’s a Cold and Heartless POS | )IMHO(

I’ve kept every rejection letter that I have received from agents and publishers.

They all say the same thing but use different words.

Not Commercial.

Too much History. No Action.

To Literary.

Change the Main character to the more well-known secondary and we may reconsider.

We only deal with COMMERCIAL writers.

That’s bang bang sex violence bang for their buck. FACT!


So – I self-published to a great and loud……Nothing.

Whatever :o)

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