Sutton Place, Dinah Lampitt

Another done that!

Dinah Lampitt/Deryn Lake has been a favourite author of mine for decades.

We connected via FB years ago when I posted the images posted here.

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Deryn Lake/Dinah Lampitt : Virgo Rising

Thursday, 3 September 2020, 14:58

I have just opened my FB for the first time in forever to search for something and came across this…!

Deryn Lake

Deryn/Dinah has been a fave author for decades and she and I connected on FB. So much so that she, very kindly, did my astrology chart for me. Without my ever asking.

She’s Virgo Rising too and completely understood the OCD vibe :o)

She was struck by my books and being a fellow Virgo Rising understood. So she contacted me privately and gave me an amazing totally free astrology reading.

OK. Let’s go to the very first book of hers. Sutton Place. She was asked to write it.

It’s about an old Tudor house that was bought by JP Getty…who purchased the estate in 1959, was then, or shortly thereafter, the world’s richest private citizen. His choice of Sutton Place for his principal residence made the property well known. He adopted a very low personal profile locally, being occasionally seen by Sutton Green villagers driving through in a very old model Cadillac coupé. 

What else can I do or say?

Dinah/Deryn is still a friend. And I still adore her books. FACT!

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