Cowards Remain in the 5D : Bring It On Down

This is why I love gardening so much. It’s a truly spiritual exercise.

We gardeners plant in the ground, the earth, the mud. And receive the total joy of watching that seed grow into full and beautiful life.

So many people live in their heads. They telegraph via 5D because they are So Afraid of getting their hands dirty.

And grounding is (like everything else) a double-edged sword.

Right now far too many airheads are grounding (bringing into our 3D world) lies and toxic chemicals and Genetically Modified thoughts and…

They are just Salting The Earth as the Romans did to Carthage (allegedly) so that the locals could NEVER grow food again.

I KNOW my history. And I KNOW what cowards do. They hide behind masks and fake identities and gob-shite comments about how GREAT & ALL-knowing they are.

P.S. NEVER sow seeds from a HYBRID plant. The seeds NEVER replicate their true origin. F A C T !

The 5D is a place that I know well. It’s airy fairy and useful. But I’m living in 3D right because I’ve a family to protect. And we have to eat to survive.

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