“Lick Spittle Toadies You Surround Yourself With.”

WikiWonka :

Inspiration for characters

There has been speculation about a model for the Queen of Hearts. In The Real Personage of Mother Goose, Katherine Elwes Thomas claims the Queen of Hearts[was based on Elizabeth of Bohemia. W. Gurney Benham, in his book Playing Cards: History of the Pack and Explanations of its Many Secrets, notes that French playing cards from the mid-17th century have Judith from the Hebrew Bible as the Queen of Hearts. However, according to Benham, a scholar who researched the history of playing cards: “The old nursery rhyme about the Knave of Hearts who stole the tarts and was beaten for so doing by the King, seems to be founded on nothing more than the fact that ‘hearts’ rhymes with ‘tarts’.”


Holl-Off-Her- Knees?

P.S. Helena Bonham-Carter was Ken Bran’s live in lover for a long time.

How Very Dare She?

Always going back…way back …to JOHN and Salome and a Silver Platter.

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