One Thousand Years

There is so much that I don’t understand.

Stuff like the Millennial Reign of Christ. WTF?

I’ve talked here -way back- about there being so much more to the Neo-MS media idea that i & j in front of a date means 1,000 years. i603 means 1603 yada repeat yada

I have other sources. And using them today to calculate a certain IMPORTANT date to 2021 shows an 800 and a bit more discrepancy. If certain non-MS peeps are right, the 1,000 aka Millennial will end in the middle of the 29th century….around 2857.

But what do I know?

A Thousand Years?

Even Lestat the Vampire hated being Immortal. He LONGED for a real life and a TRUE death.

Anne Rice, btw. The Vampire Chronicles set Nawleens.

Then we get the Twinkly Diamond studded Twilight Vampire, from a vegetarian Vampire Fam who fell in love with the mortal Bella (Beautiful) Swan (?!)

And all live happily ever



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