Talkin’ ’bout A Revolution

Knights in Shining Armour…my behind!

Knights in PPE saved me today.

Long story.

Car locked me out for no reason whatsoever. Sun blazing, me walking the nearly 2 miles home…mostly uphill, praying for a helping hand because I had ZERO idea what to do. Police? Pay for Emergency Vehicle Rescue? Cry?

DahDahDaaaaah: around the corner and up the hill drives the van with two knights in shiny orange PPE.

They stopped. I babbled. They saved me.

One was the man that I met for the first time on Sunday. The other was the husband of the woman that I spent yesterday with. She even came from work to pick me up and take me back to the car park.

As P said…the past few days all happened for a reason. If I hadn’t met you on Sunday, I’d never’ve recognised you.

Shining armour? Courtly Knights? Nah – They are Navvies/Gangers/Road Workers who keep the Highways and Byways safe for us all :o)

Saved ! Thank you x

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