How To Buy Power : In One Easy Lesson

Yes. Y’all need the money. But what for?

Bear with me a mo’

The so-called Charles VI Tarot deck (Charles VI of France/Charles the Mad/Husband of Isabeau of Bavaria/Father of Charles “The Dauphin” later Charles VII/Jehanne d’Arc’s Dauphin) has several cards missing.

It is also called the Gringonneur Deck. It may have been of French or Italian origin.


But when the 20th c turned and the Tarot was being rewritten, there came in a saviour called Edmond de Rothschild  and his extensive collection of ancient paperwork and paintings and furniture.

The late Eddy de Roth’s hoarded knowledge helped complete the deck via The Rothschild Sheets. Some something or nothing papers that he’d bought and stored away.

The Rothschild Sheets

Two of the six trump cards missing from the Charles VI deck (Wheel of Fortune and Star) were recreated by extracting the figures from uncut sheets of block printed cards and superimposing them on Charles VI backgrounds. The Rothschild Sheets, from early sixteenth-century Italy, share imagery with the Florentine pattern and Bolognese decks. Two sheets with six trump cards each are divided between the Rothschild Collection at the Louvre and the Museum of the Beaux Arts School in Paris.

Since there was no Papessa card in any of the above-mentioned decks, Benedetti borrowed the figure from a Visconti-Sforza type card in the Fournier Playing Card Museum. The Devil in this deck is the only surviving card from a deck printed by Agnolo Hebreo about 1500, probably in Bologna.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

BTW : There is so much more to this subject than you can see here. I’m NOT a Necromancer or a Fortune Teller. It has to do with the history of art that SPILLS OUTSIDE OF THE FRAME.

See image above!

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