The Red Shoes

I’ve said many times that I grew up on Myth & Legend and Fairytales.

I read and re-read my Mum’s collection of Grimm and HCA.

The Red Shoes?

Folktales have been used for generations to teach moral tales to children. They have shifted over time depending upon the generation and location of the tale but remain part of the childhood experience for many young people. “The Red Shoes” published by Hans Christian Andersen in 1845 is a quintessential European folktale. It tells a moral tale based upon the idea of temptation and eventual redemption. The story is based upon the protagonist’s desire for a pair of shoes and the consequences of her temptation.

I’ve a feeling that the Tavistock Witch (Kate Bush) knew the Fairy Tale too. And also the film below ?

And I WILL NOT TOUCH the “modern” meaning! Temptation?

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