Just stick another sword in my back Martin, why not?

Martin Liedtke35.9K subscribersSUBSCRIBEFlat Thumbs! Welcome back to another rollercoaster ride of information ,and learning on The Great Flat Earth British Think Tank! Tonight’s post will stink, have we stepped into the great human shit swindle? Has the mystery of why there are no toilets in Tartarian houses been solved? Be prepared for a shock! Shit happens! Included topics tonight – Hilarious comedy as Martin shares his favourite ladybird book covers ( Might Offend the shitless) be warned. We look at old Cardiff’s lost building’s. The City Of Baku in vintage photos. We look at the very rude, and naughty Greeks for Giggle. Old Films of Flesh Gordon ,Annie Oakley & Baron Munchhausen. Exciting Book News! We have crazy cool pics of the day & lots more besides! Get ya Happy Hats! Enjoy! Peace & love & gratitude & happy vibes! to all the FEB Community.



Saturday, 12 June 2021, 12:03

Expand Your Minds (?)

For so long there’s been this “truther” fixation about the lack of bathrooms (loos) in these amazing So-Called “Inherited Tartarian” buildings.

Middens were common.

Maybe…MAYBE…the past generations were much cleaner than we are today and used compoost toilets.

Anyone who has spent any time cleaning toilets/restrooms just to earn some money, knows all about the spread of contamination after every flush.

It’s NOT Rocket Science.

P.S. I have no plans to install one of these. If I lived alone, it’d be a different matter :o)

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