Roobarb & Custard

She speaks Roobarb.

He’s just a Cowardly Custard.

And that is MULTIPLE HE’S who have NEVER asked for MY side of the story.

Rumour has it that I’m the Number 1 cause of Cqancer on yt.


UAP. JonLEVI. MartinLiedtke. ConspiracyRUS. Subpho. Static. T4.

I used to share and promote all the channels above.

I even given some of them more money than I’ve actually earned in the past five years.

Nary a thanks or a mention or a personal email.

Now I’m banned from many and the others ignore and/or delete me.

The False Prophet & The Devil’s Daughter worked a FINE WEB of DECEPTION between them.


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