That’s whats happened to me. HAMSTRUNG. CRIPPLED. STFU, GB’d

But it’s a method that is as ancient as ancient.

Horses were often hamstrung…”Rendering chariot horses lame by hamstringing is mentioned in the Bible, called “houghing” in the King James Version, from an old spelling of hock. In times of war, the use of hamstringing enemy’s horses prevented the horses from being used in warfare.”

The Vikings, Celts, GALLOWGLASS etc often did this to their enemies. A claymore or axe would’ve severed the lower part of the leg. All that was needed was a sharp knife (Sgian-dubh?) and close-quarter combat.

P.S. Even those Knights in Shining Armour had to bend zee knees..Chainmail?

Aha. Sharp and Pointy knife.

Simples :o)

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