I Have Muscles THERE?

I’m totally broken and walking like a deranged dinosaur on Charlie (Private LOL)

Yesterday I did the Privet Hedge Massacre, wove some ivy around the stumps, moved (and repaired) the metal arch, moved the very heavy bench, moved and replanted two climbing roses and a honeysuckle…all on my own.

Cripes. I HURT today.

And all the scratches up both arms make me look like a doolally demented Self-Harmer crying out for attention.

Look at ME, ME, ME.


There is NOTHING elegant about hard physical labour. Especially when you are as bloody-minded as me and refuse to give in until the job is finished. REFUSE!

Yes. It looks crap right now.

I’ll take another picture in August or September.

Patience is a VIRTUE, Jackie!

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