Continuing the “Being Watched & Stolen From” Theme : GB 2nd of October 2019 LOKI

God’s Honest.

Looky. Findy.

GB 2nd of October 2019 LOKI



Wednesday, 2 October 2019, 13:35

Good Lord.

Somehow. Someway. This was dredged up from them good ol’ memory banks.

Trickster Rules the World ?

Loki’s relation with the gods varies by source; Loki sometimes assists the gods and sometimes behaves in a malicious manner towards them. Loki is a shape shifter and in separate incidents he appears in the form of a salmon, a mare, a fly, and possibly an elderly woman named Þökk (Old Norse ‘thanks’). Loki’s positive relations with the gods end with his role in engineering the death of the god Baldr and Loki is eventually bound by Váli with the entrails of one of his sons. In both the Poetic Edda and the Prose Edda, the goddess Skaði is responsible for placing a serpent above him while he is bound. 

QuiteLikingWikiToday : Loki

Rewind a million years.

Around 5/6 years old, I was given the best Christmas presents EVER. Two ginormous hardback books.

Birds of Prey.

Greek Myths.

The very first story in Greek Myths was Pandora’s Box.

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