Marlowe/Nashe & Dido of Carthage

And You wonder why Dido was pissed off?

Look what the Romans did to Carthage…after Aeneas founded Italy as the centre of everything. Ever. Historical.

Salting the Earth so that NO food grows is just plain NASTY, IMHO.

That Venus was (maybe) a bit of a Trickster in disguise?

By the way : much as I love literature, I don’t believe this HISTORY HOAX for one second.

GB : 12th of Jan 2019 The Real Genghis Khan

GB : 18th of July 2019 Venus – The Goddess of Love?

GB : 12th of July 2019 Part 7 Jason and Aeneas & The Sibylline Oracles

Heyho :o)

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