Ungarisches Haus or Hungarian House in Vienna, Austria

I have been doing this FOREVER!!!

Right at the beginning of here I wrote a long list of things that I was investigating.

Right in the middle of the list was Dracula and …

Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed (Hungarian: Báthory Erzsébet, pronounced [ˈbaːtori ˈɛrʒeːbɛt]; Slovak: Alžbeta Bátoriová ; 7 August 1560 – 21 August 1614)[2] was a Hungarian noblewoman and reputed serial killer from the noble family of Báthory, who owned land in the Kingdom of Hungary (now Hungary, Slovakia and Romania).


Werewolves, Vampires, Serial Killers, Deviant Night DingBATS.

Sickened to my soul.

I’m trying to move a WHOLE RANGE OF Deaf/Dumb/Blind/Programmed MOUNTAINS ALL ON MY OWN.

No wonder I’m totally knackered :o(

I’ve been told to stop trying. FACT!

This means NOTHING TO ME.

Aaaaaaaaah, Vienna

1725, much?


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