A Good Olde Fashionede RANT!

Jesus Wept.

It’s my son’s birthday in 2 days. We don’t have a penny to spare on a present and I’m flat-smacked with a £2grand Water Bill for a building that I no longer own and haven’t stepped foot in since 2013.

It’s been FULLY repossessed by something and now belongs to someone.

So. I’m talking on the phone to a BOT reading a SCRIPT and not one single word I say is getting through to him.

I have to provide written evidence from the two Estate Agents (now defunct) – the Auction Company – the bank – the TRUE FACT that an engineer came round and shut off the water 6 years ago – and a photograph of the POUND OF FLESH that I’ve lost.


Nice Timing. NOT.

As if I didn’t have already enough yt takers and haters BS to deal with.

POUT :o(

P.S. I NEVER cuss on the phone. I’m just PURE SARCASM and truth.

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