André’s Dinner

I went to school with an André.

See Message Below?

Hey Sis do you remember Andrew Cross. He sent me this message: Many thanks for replying Iain. We’re all good & hope same with you, family & friends. We often see Phil & we have yet more tickets to see Stiff Little Fingers at Rock City when hopefully covid restrictions lifted. At 59 (😢) it’s all a bit hazy but I believe your Father was in the Police Force & I guess you & your sister Jackie moved to the seaside 79 ish🌞. I won’t trouble you again Iain, but I have good memories of Jackie listening to my “Northern Soul” record collection in the music room during lunchbreaks (imagine that!), so a Very brief summary of what she did after leaving school would be very much appreciated if convenient. In the meantime stay safe Iain, best wishes André.” Shall I pass on your regards?? X

I replied that I’d love to hear back from him :o)

Meanwhile. Back With André’s Dinner via Basil !

Fkin yt censorship. Even Fawlty Towers is banned now

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