HomeSchooling : History Lessons

And So…

…History has been re-written yet again.

Today’s mantra is ALL OF HISTORY IS A LIE – ergo we’ll teach our children the new stuff. Via youtube.

Every single Parish record is now untrustworthy. Every map. Every family lineage. Every past event. Every diary. Every poem. Every book. Every painting. Every song. Every era. Every person. Every war. Every love story. EVERYTHING.

The new home school lessons will start from 1850 – when everyone emerges from underground after a mud flood and finds a world full of huge buildings and strange mechanical vehicles that they have to learn to use.

Every mountain was once a building or a tree.

Every person was once about 20 feet tall.

Every bone un-earthed is from a chicken.

Every piece of pottery was planted by masonic fakers.

Every plant and animal just magically appeared from nowhere.

It’s the Big Bang all over again.

Books are already being written and published about all the above. They will become the backbone of the Neo-Curriculum.

Nice one, peeps.

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