AB lives in mini-England now.

OUT OUT DAMN SPOT…..Blood on her hands, much? As she kills in CLOSED areas now !!!!

Spoiler Alert : .Amanda B​ hard to kill in open areas now

UAP​thank you

Brennan Huff​Hey voy

Don Mazzia​where are the washerwomen

Amanda B​war wil fix that doug

Reality​I want to see some of their manufacturing facilities, for the street lights, clothes, or anything really

.Brennan Huff​I dozed off

Amanda B​ due

Amanda B​ we r

OM B​@peter Underwood 🤣MainMan Magellan​that sounds like a good theory

RollingMK Productions​hello everyone

Michael DeSilvio ​great grandma said they ate fried brain sandwiches and tongue

.Amanda B​ hard to kill in open areas now

RollingMK Productions​good to be here

UAP​ I’m Douglas U. Ap

Jake Arsenal​sorry im late

Paul Owen​ahhh ze french….. 🤪👍Amanda B

let vent do it so. man has no guilt.

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