SAM aka Grandad

Was a tanner.

Both of my brothers and I called him Sam when we were not with him.

He tanned leather.

When I was a kid, the tannery was a short walk from Castlerig and the grotty flat that he and Lily lived in. It was a huge building beside the canal. And it STANK.

How much leather did he tan for Handbags and Gladrags?

So what becomes of you, my love?
When they have finally stripped you of
The handbags and the gladrags
That your poor old granddad
Had to sweat to buy you, baby

Next time y’all buy Prada/Gucci/Chanel handbags or handmade Italian leather shoes…spare a thought for the people of the past who actually did this shit before the machines and chemicals took over.


P.S. I’m NOT NEVER NO WAY a Rod Stewart fffffan. Soz- Sir Roddy.

As for Kelly Jones….SchWooN

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