Ethel Major : Murderess on My Doorstep

Yesterday I had a little rant about the local land-fill/dump.

We know about RATS here. We have TRAPS everywhere. Especially since the stupid started and we can no longer go to the Local Landfill without an appointment, mask, Doctor’s certified certification and a PRICK evidence card. To go to a Stinking Dump? 

I failed to mention the location. Kirkby-on-Bain. A hop and a spit away from here.

Imagine my complete shock on seeing this video which has just been posted.

I’ve looked further into the local archives/gossip/newspapers and there was a BBC series called Murder, Mystery and My Family that filmed this story on location. They contacted a village resident :

Not long after we moved into Kirkby on Bain in 2001, somebody said to me something along the lines of “Of course you must know about our famous murderer, Ethel Major”. Of course I had never heard of her, so I did some very superficial research and found that this Kirkby on Bain lady was convicted of killing her husband (a nasty piece of work, allegedly,) in 1934 and hanged in Hull gaol.

I might be taking myself on a little road trip soon :o)

As a side note : I had corned beef sandwiches with homemade coleslaw on Saturday. Oh my giddy, fluffy aunt.

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