Me & She Have A Cunning Plan : Pembrokeshire Farm

Our biggest mistake was discussing this new home of ours in front of the men.

Picture This :

The Welsh Coast. An old farmhouse in need of TLC with lots of land. Rescued Chickens. Dogs. Cats. Donkeys. Sheep. Goats. Cows. Horses. Hedgehogs. etc.

Organic fruit and veggies. Herbs. Flowers.

She’d do the animals. I’d do the garden.


What about us?


How are you going to pay for all this?

Shared glance and grin.

What about the children?

All grown up now.

It never stops raining in Wales.

Double M’eh!



Party Poopers R They :o(

One day though. One day. Wales or England or Scotland or Ireland, it matter not.

I Have A Dream.

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