Update on The Demon Church

He doesn’t know if the pencil-tangles carved in the walls were upside down or not. I tried to explain this…

Apparently we are going there at midnight one dark and stormy night.

I’ll have a box of matches and a candle and my ipad.

He’ll be in the car, down the road, eating a midnight feast. Cheese and pickle sandwiches probably!


Local knowledge tells of all the lead being stolen from the stained glass windows but the glass was saved and is now stored.

Each brick is worth at least £20 on the black market hence the floor being half stolen.

The church is still owned by the diocese…it’s still consecrated ground but…But…BUT…all the publicity about fake demons and hauntings and devil worship shown on youtube has kept the place open to all and everyone and unsecured.

Go figure.

OK. I have a big church candle. A sacred handmade Bali bell and plenty of books for my GhostBusting trip.


I lasted 1 minute 21 seconds on the video above.

P.S. How about taking a Little Miss book with me?

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