Vampire Blood : Premiered 21st of May 2020


“Just like ALL the history. Invented since 1850.”

“But we have to go back further but, of course, we cannot really trust that information very well.”

“Something that is recorded in MOST cultures, if not EVERY culture”

“Would it be something that you were made a fool of because it was a hoax?”

“Vampiric Entities.”

“According to Turkish etymology, Vampires, Witches and Tatars are one and the same.”

“Millennial Reign of Christ.”

“There was somebody else who was also setting out to make a bigger study of it. I thought I took a screenshot but I didn’t. Oh, well.”

57:45…”And it’s LEFT EYE WAS OFTEN OPEN.”

There is just one yt channel that I’m allowed to comment on now. Matt – QOC.

Reality Basics

I wrote… and you can actually see it there… When the Turin Shroud is studied properly : there is clear evidence that much damage was done to the right eye. And yes, the image on the shroud is a negative, just make it a positive. A tiny cut and paste by me from Gurgle….*The Shroud of Turin as seen by the naked eye (above) and i stains, and creases, the … ing of both eyebrows, torn right eyelid, large swelling below right eye, swollen* This Hidden History research stuff gets multiple yt bans. Heyho. Whatever :o)

Did I get Trolled? Yup. But not by Matt.

Thank you :o)

P.S. FFS – Over a year ago the channel below said what he said. But still cannot and will not acknowledge a single word of mine.

Which Witch Is Which?

Who has 50,000 subs?

Who has 24?

Peas & Wuv :o)

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