Dandelion Dead : Fact vs Fiction

I know of Herbert Rowse Armstrong through the Drama Series Dandelion Dead.

Ray Loynd, writing for the Los Angeles Times, called the series “full of rich atmosphere, ripe characters and black humour”. He noted that “The movie’s real accomplishment is in catching the fabric of a whole town, almost in the manner of a Victorian novel.”

Sounds good, yes?

I enjoyed it when it first aired. In that put your feet, up, turn your brain off, play the master detective thing that we all do.

It’s just a silly story after all. Who really cares?

Then, this morning, I watched the video below and got a huge kick up mine own backside.

History is all about people. First, Last & In the Middle – say I.

Wow. Yes. This is true.

No Man Is An Island said John Donne.

For Every Action There is an Opposite and Equal Reaction said Newton.

This is the True Life story behind Dandelion Dead told by the REAL LIFE granddaughter of Herbert and Kitty Armstrong :o(

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