Chione or SnowDrop/SnowWhite

Let’s start with Dandelion Dead…oops, my mistake…Daedalion.

Father of a beautiful daughter (in GREEK MYTH) who died after the attentions of both Apollo and Hermes , to whom she bore children.

Daughter, Chione, was killed by a jealous and vengeful Artemis who shot an arrow through her tongue. To silence and deny her a life. Lavinia ?

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. Who’s the Fairest of them ALL?

That is the question.

The White HAS to killed by the Black.

Or the Light HAS to be killed by the Dark.

What so many CANNOT abide/face/cope with/live with is the MIRROR that someone (usually a total stranger) places in front of their face.

And it doesn’t have to be a real mirror or a polished shield, it can be something as totally innocent as a living person who lands in their life from nowhere and, through this stranger’s words and actions, shows them a true depiction of their own soul. Like the Portrait of Dorian Gray.

When these “so many people” get the smallest glimpse of their own true inner self, they go into FULL ON DESTRUCTION mode.

Nothing…NOTHING will protect them better than to smash that mirror into the tiniest of pieces and then grind those same pieces into dust with the steel heel of their own ego. So that they NEVER have to see their own truth again.

7 years Bad Luck.

7 Dwarves.

7 Days.

7 Nights.

The Magnificent 7

7 Wonders of the World.

7 Hills of Rome.

7 Hills of Edinburgh.


ad infinitum.

The saddest of truth, though, is…just because y’all choose to be wilfully blind…the truth is always seen. Above and Below.

SMH :o(

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