Happy Birthday, Dad x

Today is my late father’s birthday.

David Samuel Greig is his name. FACT!

He’d be so freaking annoyed beyond annoyed to know that his name has been stolen to make a youtoobia channel that comments BS on FEB amongst other channels.

See image above.

Today is also the anniversary of the day that I lead my two brothers, behind our father’s coffin, into the crematorium.

Brother Iain’s Royal Marines Beret was the only tribute on top of said coffin.

Tomorrow is my traveller-in-crime’s birthday. She was with me at the crematorium and stayed here in the house as my two brothers, Iain’s beautiful wife and I interred Dad in our mother’s grave.

The day after tomorrow is my wedding anniversary.

What? Oh, about 1,000 years of bondage. Thanks for asking.

If I seem a little ANGRY today (?) this will be why.

10 years on. Still grieving for him.

31 years on. Still grieving for her.

P.S. Dad died on my oldest son’s birthday.

26th of June.

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