I Did Another THING

This time it IS my thing.

I decided, in mine own unfathomable way, that both Titus Andronicus and King Lear shared very similar personality traits.

Titus chooses to support the yukky, deceitful and totally soulless Saturninus over that one’s younger brother Bassianus.

Even though Bassianus is loyal and fair-minded and deeply loved by Titus’ daughter, Lavinia.

Because of all this, and the fact that, only by taking Titus to the edge of madness, until he can see the truth of his own actions…tragedy ensues and nearly everyone kills nearly everyone else. Exeunt.


King Lear chooses daughters Goneril and Regan and the bastard son, Edmund over Edgar and Cordelia.

Madness, death, bloody murder, suicide etc ensue. Exeunt.

Elizabethan Revenge Tragedies are quite exhilarating in sit-back-and-examine way :o)

And I will NOT even go into the true origins of the characters Titus and Lear. I’ve a Chilli con Carne with baked potatoes to cook.

P.S. I had to watch the below at .75 speed. Whoah, she talks fast, Ms Overly Sarcastic Productions. LOL :p

P.P.S. Strange that Anthony Hopkins played both Titus and Lear in films, no? Yes?

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