BS Detector Set To MAX Capacity

Getting up at 4am to drive someone to work does strange things with one’s mind.

I’ve always liked Bros of Decay but this one is slightly jarring. Too many things are “off” – as in – they make no sense.

Absolute Truth – my home collects more dust and spiders and such-like in ONE WEEK than this place has after being abandoned 10 years.

All our bedding and soft furnishings are stored with blocks of cedarwood or bags of lavender or acid free paper dotted with essential oils to keep the moths away.

We don’t have any curtains or blinds at any windows on the ground floor. As for tapestries…I’ve needlepointed several small ones and they hold dust and stuff like nothing else.

Just my experience.

Is Urbex the new Estate Agency?

Or is it just me shouting out – I want that Chateau. How much is it? I’ll look after it.

Don’t answer. Not interested :o)

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