The 39 Steps Lead to Ariadne

This is….convoluted.

Ariadne’s thread helped Theseus/Perseus go to slay the Minotaur (Ariadne’s brother) in the labyrinth and return safely.

Theseus/Perseus abandoned Ariadne after all she had done for him so she married Dionysus.

John Buchan (Scottish) wrote this book in the early 20th c (published 1915)

Hitchcock made a film (m’eh)

Robert Powell played Hannay in my own personal favourite film adaptation. Free on yt via david moffat

3 + 9 = 12.

Disciples. Zodiac signs. Months of the year.

Robert Powell also played Jesus.

But his BEST EVER role was (in mine own opinion) David Briggs.

Listen to one or watch the other or…..whatever :o)

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