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Robert McKee is mentioned in the video below.

See image above. I have his book. I’ve STUDIED his book.

Robert McKee’s screenwriting workshops have earned him an international reputation for inspiring novices, refining works in progress and putting major screenwriting careers back on track. Quincy Jones, Diane Keaton, Gloria Steinem, Julia Roberts, John Cleese and David Bowie are just a few of his celebrity alumni. Writers, producers, development executives and agents all flock to his lecture series, praising it as a mesmerizing and intense learning experience.

In Story, McKee expands on the concepts he teaches in his $450 seminars (considered a must by industry insiders), providing readers with the most comprehensive, integrated explanation of the craft of writing for the screen. No one better understands how all the elements of a screenplay fit together, and no one is better qualified to explain the “magic” of story construction and the relationship between structure and character than Robert McKee.

Sorry but….

…Is all air and no puff. Despite the advertising Schmooz

A separate new channel for panel discussions among top alternative history investigative YouTube content Creators. Topics like “Tartatia”, “Mud-Flooded Buildings”, alternative timelines, hidden archaeology, mystery history, missing millennium, reset civilization, censored technology. Inductive and deductive reasoning to analyze original research forms the basis for hypotheses that survive Occam’s razor to reflect the examples of the things we know from everyday life today.


Yes. OK. Inverted. My stupid :o(

Tart at i a

Noice :o)

So we have the prologue before the beginning. Before the middle. Before the end.

Epilogue to come. Also :

Everyone’s Thanks to mates, God, fam, pets.


Agents names and addresses.

Charges per hour for each member of the panel.

Plus index…beginning with a and ending with i021

Double Noice :o) :o)

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