Once. Twice. Three Times a Lady

She left him. Came back. Left him again. Now is DESPERATE to get him back for the third time. Because she likes ’em LONG!

To have another baby?

All That She Wants is More Money ?

Sorry. My bad. All that she wants is another baby?

How Dare Y’all Lay that one on ME?

Just because she writes like me. On my thoughts. My ideas. Does NOT make her ME.

How many tomes will it take until the Message is received via THIS Free Energy Device?

Sheesh. Birbs?

I’m oft repeated. Never Duplicated or Surpassed. FACT :o)

BTW : Numerology on this video has always stood out for me. 3:34 = 10 = END !

Argue that one back AT me, Haggis Hunters.

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