Catnapping : Sssh. Secrets.

The other morning when I had to get up at 4am to drive someone to work I was NOT happy.


Because I only had time for 1 and a half cups of coffee…aka wake up juice.

Because it was bright and light.

When I do this journey in the winter I don’t bother getting dressed. I drive in pj’s slippers and dressing gown.


‘T’other morning, still half asleep, I saw a bundle of fluff opposite the “yard” which is the local skip centre.

Fluff moved and I squealed like a girl. Because I am a girl (!)

Fluff is a wild cat. Not emaciated but obviously uncared for and unloved. Himself has been trying to catnap him for weeks. So he told me.

We have a cunning plan involving tuna and a cardboard box.

DO NOT TELL ANYONE….Secret Squirrel Vibe.

P.S. S.S. Schutzstaffel. WTF. I have too many people who now too much stuff about the Schnitzel Staffle. FACT!

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