Throwing Out The Baby With The Bathwater

And AGAIN, I’m forced to totally disagree with the New yt MAXIM (oft-repeated)…


What a totally stupid, brain-dead attitude to teach and repeat and have others parrot is THAT?

All of history is NOT a lie.

All we are dealing with is a rewriting of certain parts of history. Certain dates and timelines.

NOBODY on this God’s Earth has the power to LIE about every single person that EVER LIVED. Fact!

What we have been taught is the framework…the skeleton upon which to hang or paint or plasterboard or wallpaper an agenda.

Are y’all REALLY believing that every war never happened/every grave is a lie/every family story is false/every diary is a crock of BS/every building is Tartarian/every famous historical figure never existed/every invention was never invented/every weather pattern was some mass control system/every fire was planned/everything ever presented on TV since the 1950’s is a MASSIVE cover-up/every book ever written has been doctored/every nationality is more dumb than your own/everyone seeks only fame and money/every single person is Fake as F………?

OK. This might be the 2021 thing.

But don’t – DO NOT judge everything that came before by your own extremely low and victim-mentality standards.

I’ve met some IRL haters in my time but the past few years has shown me a WHOLE NEW HELL.

Get over yourselves and stop the hatred. Stop the one-up-manship. Stop the IDIOCRACY.

Your total stupid is showing.


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