Bumping at Bottons

We have a scorchio weekend coming up and the traffic is already going mentals…the mad dash to the coast.

This is where our main road leads to (image above)

Go any further then you’ll be in the North Sea.

My earliest memory of Bumper cars is going to the Arbroath October Fair with my Dad aged about 6 – just the two of us – and him letting me steer the car.

I’ve still not improved my inner Bumper Rage as my boys can attest. I used to take them to Skeg and challenge them to a BUMP…aah. Good times.

Haven’t watched the full vlog below the below because “been there, done that.” I lived there for a year.

And no matter where I’ve travelled in the world, Skegness will always hold a small but special place in my heart :o)

Not quite Mauritius but still fun.

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