Except You Are BORING | The Final Plan

I’m love…love…loving being Jim Moriarty.

James – a school mate.

James – my Dad’s brother.


Did y’all not guess that Jim was Sherlock’s SHADOW side?

Quote : Because we are just alike you & I.

I’ve totally embraced MY shadow side.

She’s quite beautiful and clever and DARK :o)

But she has a good heart.

Some James Moments below but F1RST…

P.S. BB the fat gay fucker is called Stephen Fry.

I swear the United (?) States live in a total bubble of themselves. Did y’all never watch a bit of Fry & Laurie? Or Blackadder? Or QI? All sarcasm at it’s very best. In my humble opinion.

Talk about PROGRAMMED. Much?


I’m outta Bearland.

Waaaaay Out. Much love & thanks but NOT for me.

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