Not In The Flesh : FGM

I first became aware of this horrific subject via the Ruth Rendell book above. Around 2006/7.


Yes. Just IMAGINE.

It still happens today. Even in our so-called First World.

The video below says it all.

Men DEMAND that this be done to their women so that the women will never stray. Stay forever docile.

Stepford Wives with knives.

No anaesthetic is given and the tool used to cut off the labia and the clitoris is rarely sterile but likely to be a piece of broken glass, a kitchen knife or a razor blade.        

How awful it is that these things are always done to women – the foot-binding, the neck-lengthening and the genital cutting. 

Men, of course, are circumcised but male circumcision has some benefits whereas FGM has none.

Those who practise it and defend it say it keeps a woman ‘pure’, it keeps her clean. The reverse is true. 

A girl whose outer labia have been tightly stitched up, leaving only tiny pinpoint orifices, urinates with difficulty and menstruates painfully and with a very limited flow.

Author: When Ruth Rendell came into the House of Lords as a life peer, she heard about the 1985 law which made FGM a crime.

Unless the vagina is opened by a health professional cutting the stitches that close it, having a baby is a nightmare. 

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