This Woman’s Work : The Deepest Division

I’ve spent 95% of my life in the “Patriarchal Society.”


Father.Two brothers. Husband. Two Sons. Military. Ministry of Defence working for MEN in the Military. Company Owner in charge of several hundred multi-national men.

I’m the lone woman here. In my house.

Today I …Shopped. Gardened. Cleaned part of the house. Washed up. Washed clothes. Had a fight with a bale of straw. Made anti-wabbit stuff. Made a huge buffet tea. Got the other car working again. Had several “debates” that I ended quickly with either STFU or GO AWAY. Wrote 2,000 words (which will all be deleted tomorrow.)

Commented on a yt channel. Did a ton of back/behind the scenes work on my new website. Ignored yet another troll. Pruned the roses. Picked up all the scattered clothes on the utility room FLOORDROBE! Sucked my own bleeding fingers. Whisked off a few posts here. Spent about 2.3 seconds on certain yt vids.

And All I Get Is MEN whinging and whining about how hard it is to be a MAN.

Once more. Same as before.

Am I bitter?


Nope. Just overworked and overlooked by those who have placed themselves higher than me :o)

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