Meet The Ancestors : Fleas, Lice & an Elephant on the Moon

I might be slightly miffed at missing out on a certain GENE.

The Science Gene.

I am, and have always been both a Sciencetard & a Mathstard.

But :

Certain members of my clan were Geniussesssi.

Admiral Sam became a fellow of The Royal Society because of his scientific acumen.

His son married Mary Somerville. Not a successful match. She was rich and he came from peasants. They had a son called Woronzow Samuilovich Greig (a scientist)

Mary Somerville, herself, was a famous mathematician and scientist. Her mother was from Burntisland, the village next to the village where my Dad and his Dad and his Dad were born.

Side Note : I found it quite funny that my DNA shows me as part Italian and part German. The Russian bit was a given.

Anyways – Mary died in Naples and other members of Sam’s fam ended up in Germany.

BTW : Samuil Alexeyvich Greig is buried in a Lutheran church in St Petersburg.

Where was I?

The Royal Society has a Faraday Award. Faraday was close enough to the family to write them a letter of condolence.

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