NEVER EVER Dismiss The Education You Were Given

In the UK education is FREE of Charge.

Unless your parents are total snobs and want the kudos of a child that went to Private School/University.

And I quote :

acdemia exists so demons can lie to us and try and shame us into believing their BALLSHIT

If you have ZERO upon which to build a foundation…If you INSIST on denying the largest part of your childhood and tell others to do the same via youtube then –

You are FAR WORSE than those who came before you.

I was raised by honest and good parents. A bit fucked up but they always did the best that they KNEW how to do.

I was taught by honest and good teachers who spent THEIR youths learning how to teach. They did NOT choose the syllabus.

Today’s vibe is all about REJECT REJECT REJECT…Your parents. Your teachers. Your fore-runners.



And Y’all Call The ELITES Controllers?

Welcome to the new Elite Controllers.

P.S. I send y’all a kiss from Glasgow :o)

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