Debunking The Demons

From the very beginning, this was MY mission.

To debunk the devil/satan/demon via History and Real Life.

This is why I was thrown into the 9th Circle of Hell (aka youtube)

I’ve ALWAYS said that, to me, HELL was a Cold Place

The Ninth Circle of Hell is a frozen lake and, like Dante’s vision of Hell in general, the Ninth Circle itself is divided into rings of increasingly bad sections with the worst in the center. The people who are sent to the Ninth Circle are people who have betrayed the trust of someone or something close and special.

There are certain people who not only LOVE this energy but also support and promote IT.

GB 2nd of March 2019 : SATAN was a Man

Short excerpt of above post :

The foundation of the Hidden History Project is already set and everything posted here is interlinked in ways even I can’t explain!

What has this to do with Satan?

I’ve used Satan as an example of the next layer of construction. And to show just how deep disinformation goes. Satan was a man who plotted against another man. 

This next layer will be a series of family trees that are vital to our understanding of the why’s and whatever’s of the Hiding of our True History.

Why all my multiple posts about Dracula or Elizabeth Bathory or Bram Stoker or Sun, Sea & Satan?

P.S. The above is gender-fluid. The Devil Wears Prada?

The Hungry Ghost FEEDS. Because IT is a Void.

FREE ENERGY? Your Choice.


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