More Debunking : 1850 WorldWide RESET

Yup. The bloke below shows lots.

But me, myself and I can say as FACT that my local town has been a charted market town since 1231 with zero mud flood.

The local Library still displays remnants of a ROMAN WALL inside the building.

And, the teeny bookshop I go to has a ROMAN wall in the back garden.

I have a CERTIFIED ROMAN well in my own garden.

And the town is in a dip in the Lincolnshire Wolds aka a valley.

Lincoln, the county city, has ZERO evidence of mud flood. It is FULL of ROMAN walls and gateways.

Mainstream History INSISTS that the ROMANS were in Britain from 43 AD to 410 AD

A bit of maths.

AD43 plus 1,000 years or Millennial Reign BS = 1043?

AD 410 plus 1,000 years or Millennial Reign BS = 1410?

Both these dates are LOOOOOOOONG before 1850. Or have I made this all up?

They THEY will and can NEVER admit to being slightly off in their research. NEVER.

The THEY are more interested in making money and looking good than anything else.

The THEY are perfectly happy to put the above worldwide admiration and validation before a woman asking help for her child – even though she swallowed all resentment and ego and pride – knowing that her son was FAR more important than her humiliation of being banned and publicly humiliated by the people on the yt channel from which she’d asked help.

This is the TRUE TRUTH.

And I can prove it :o)

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