WE Were Born To Learn, Not To Suffer

And I still stand by this.

Even after some Cupid Stunt thought they’d be clever and reply to me PUBLICLY on yt…Words to the effect that wisdom only comes via suffering.

Yep. But F1RST Grade.

It’s called FREE WILL. And I can cliche y’all out of the wazoo.

We are the company that we keep.

We get what we give.

Life is what you choose to make it.


FREE WILL is vital for learning. When we make choices that cause us suffering, we’ve made a wrong choice.

When we KEEP making choices that KEEP us suffering…we have learned Jack Shit. And we will continue to suffer through a greater degree of pain and heartache.


Get it YET?


P.S. I know with absolute certainty that the person who chose NOT to help my son did it, not through being evil, but as a result of prior choices made.

And the resulting painful consequences of choosing to help me.

He chose to stay and suffer. Not to learn.


Two weeks ago, two members of this household were jabbed. I said nothing negative and wished them the best as they left.

Thank God – neither have had a single after-effect.

If I’d gone full Viking and Vocal – I’d’ve lost 2 people whom I love and would die for.

We get what we give.


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