I Might’ve Done Something Weird…?

We have all fallen for those adverts.

In a house with three men who like to smell nice, quite a bit of money was once spent on Lynx Deodorant for men. But as money is now very tight, they’ve been stealing my girly deodorant.


Because it doesn’t sting their armpits and it smells good.

Himself has been working with huge hairy-arse gangers on Pelham Bridge in Lincoln for the past several weeks. The whole project is being overseen by a 23 year old girl.

A couple of days ago she was talking to Himself when she suddenly exclaimed, “Oh. You smell nice.”

He replied, “That’s my wife’s deodorant.”

Apparently she went home and told her boyfriend to stop spending on MAN sprays and use girly ones instead.


Once the gangers found out about my Woman’s Cotton Soft Deodorant (just £1 a can in Tesco) they all decided to start using it.

Mmm. Tar and concrete and girly perfume :o)

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