WTF? – Unbelievable

When are people going to stop feeding the dark-side?

Or truly understand that 2 wrongs don’t make a right?

As in – this is wrong and I’ll spend two hours telling you THIS IS WRONG.

Does that make YOU right?

No wonder so many are totally drained of energy and life and hope.

OK – just concentrate on what is OUTSIDE because when y’all conquer the OUTSIDE, you will have totally justified your ego/existence.

I truly could not care less about how many people still wear masks. I ignore them all and concern myself ONLY with re-seeing the faces that have been hidden for so long.

Their fears are not my fears. I’ve enough of my own fears and trials and traumas and karma to deal with. Thank You Very Much!

And really – honestly -truthfully – how much importance is there in some stupid games being played in Japan?

Or what is NOT happening in “space?”


That’s all you have to worry about?

That’s all you can present to waste my all too precious time?



If you have no answers – YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Fact!

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