Caught Short !!!

Last night I was caught short aka needed a wee.

I left my ipad downloading The Secrets of Pain audiobook by Phil Rickman.

I went back to said ipad and found – The Prayer of the Night Shepherd downloaded. TRUE. FACT!

OK, said I. Emma Powell narrates. I love her voice. I love this story which centres around Jane the “pagan” teenage daughter of the local Anglican exorcist.

Throw in a bit of hotel (worked in a few) ….a bit of Murder Mystery (read a few)… a bit of Conan Doyle (know a bit) and then SHERLOCK …………….and I’m happy as :o)

Hereford’s Diocesan Exorcist must encounter a legacy of evil within the crumbling walls of an old hotel along with memories of murder…

‘Merrily has become an ever more engaging protagonist, a passionate, flawed modern women every bit as concerned with the intricacies of crime as she is with demons that go bump in the night.’ – Geoffrey Wansell, Daily Mail

‘There were certain phrases you could feel, like fingers up your spine. “Hattie Chancery’s Room.” Oh God . . .’

A crumbling hotel on the border of England and Wales has long been linked with the possible origins of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles and his obsession with contacting the dead. Fascinating for young Jane Watkins, flushed with the freedom of her first weekend job. But the sinister side soon becomes apparent to her mother, Merrily, diocesan exorcist for Hereford. Then come memories of a child who killed. And blood in the fresh snow.

In Prayer : Sebby Three Fields, the local Justice of the Peace aka Public School Boy and total BASTARD is a great EVIL character who lies and bullies and hides and kills for money and power.

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