The Stuff That I DON’T Know About Myself. Tut!

sirusamirGreta Brookes The word Spell comes from Curse . First you must acknowledge how you ended up with mystical Alpahabeth known as English language, Then once you have achieved that knowledge , then you must AboveStanding rather than Under Standing < Understanding>. The problem with people like you is , lack of Know Ledge Meaning knowing to Act on Know ledge . I have seen Models like you and they are all , the same , speak the same , act the same . Because they are All Programmed the same . Good Luck to you


Thanks for that.

It just made my morning. Laughter tears leaked from my eyes and I’ve broken a rib with the mirth :o)

KNOW – LEDGE is that near CAM-BRIDGE?




Stop it, Jackie. Too much silly :o(

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