The origins of my last post.

The F!RST time I’ve ever seen THIS copycat thing do the “I’m a Cook” copycat bit.

Amanda B

Amanda B

6 days agoCam Normandy chicken I’m making tonight I just went to Coles got ingredients and now I look at this … lmao dude what’s going on … why have u tasted Normandy chicken dish.. with apples and cream… mate what does this jinxing on thoughts mean … aaaargh trippy as cam😳😆🙈🤙😉

Our No. 3 in our company, Himself’s Bezzie Mate (whom I sacked when I learned that the scheister blackmailing company accountant was getting incredibly personal family info from) lived in Normandy for 12 years. Even his Scottish wife, Jackie, divorced him when she found out how he had betrayed us.

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