Of all the stupid comments that I have made these past 3 years in commentaria – THIS one has triggered them most.

Leave History to the Historians.

We have a solid foundation in MS History and also Alt History.

WE can see the Patterns. The Reflections. The Repeats.

WE ARE BANNED from the yt Alt History Channs.

Like this controlled one below.

They take a scrap and make a banquet.

They take a truth and spin a lie.


It took over 200 years to destroy Tartary and remove the truth from OUR day.

It’s taken just 2 years to destroy ?EVERY? single truth about Tartary by the MoneyGrubbers and Attention Hoes.

Autodidactic. Martin Liedtke. UAP.Jon Levi. Michelle Gibson. Sarah Tonen. Xirtus. Phil Druzzznhinin. Tartarian Zephyr. Plus a 1,000 more.

Just type tartarian history into your yt search box.

DO IT and see another MASS MURDER.

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