Video below.

Around 2:49. Poynton’s the shoe shop is located on the High Street. BANKs Street is further down the road. Off the Bull Ring.

SIDE NOTE : Endeavour links back to Inspector Morse.

I totally dislike Joseph Banks…….! THE F1RST? ? ? Ok. My bad for being a disliker.

Around 9:25 is the weir, not in spate, where my brothers and I used to fish with nets and jam jars. We’d stand on the little waterfall.

The Horse Fair took place NOT in the Market Place but just off The Bull Ring.

Around 17:00….WOW Wikid has waved it’s wiki wand. St Olaf is related to Magnus Barelegs. Grandfather ? But to trace that link now online is almost impossible. Magnus Barelegs was King of Norway – Magnús Óláfsson.

I am NOT touching Bonnie Prince Charlie. Nope. Never.

My love of history ends with the 1745. Culloden.

I am Scot & Norse. FACT :o)

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